Spray Tanning

· Casual Tan

In just 10-15minutes you can achieve a beautiful, natural and 100% orange-free tan. Our products have minimal fragrance and dry extremely fast (so you can dress in seconds).



· Spray Tan Parties

Invite your friends and have an enjoyable night as we spray tan you to perfection! Great for hens and bridal parties, special occasions, weekends or just for fun! Everyone gets a great discount, host gets a free tan (if over 5 guests) and we will shout a bottle of wine!

3-5 people          $24 each (20% off)

6-9 people          $22 each (more than 25% off)

10+ people          $20 each (more than30% off)


· Unlimited Tan Plan

Do you dream to never be pale again and to be tanned all year round?  We can make your dreams come true! When on Tone & Tan’s easy payment plans we can tan you as often as you like! You will receive priority bookings or you can schedule in your preferred time on a continual basis. You will get full access to unlimited spray tans and live the ultimate tanaholic’s dream!

$24 per week     3months (20% off)

$19 per week     6month (more than 35% off)

$15 per week     12month (more than 30% off)


Gift Vouchers Available


Contact Zarly to book Phone 0478006564 or email zarly@tone-and-tan.com.au 


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